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Clean. Renewable. Accessible.


Start saving money and the environment. Join the movement.

Get the right solar plan for your home!

We have designed two solar plans to meet your needs. You choose the option for your solar panels and we will take care of the rest.

Solar Purchase
    • System Owner: You
    • Benefit from tax credits and incentive
    • No monthly payment
    • Maintenance options available
    • 25 Years Solar Warranty
    • 10 Years Inveter Warranty
    • Save on your electricity bills


  1. Advertised solar price is for our 'Standard' Solar System with a Fronius string inverter configuration installed on a single storey dwelling and tile or metal single roof orientation in Victoria. Additional fee applies to our 'Smart' Solar System (Solaredge with optimisers or Enphase Microinverters), double storey dwelling, multiple roof orientations and switchboard upgarde
  2. All our Solar System includes online monitoring which will monitor solar generation and consumption
  3. We reserve the rights to revise our prices on a quaterly basis
  4. Price includes STC's
  5. Enphase Microinverters is recommended for roofs with significant shading issues