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Solar Purchase

Produce clean energy on your roof

Make solar one of your greatest assets. With a direct purchase, the energy you produce is all yours. Solar panels help you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and will provide you years of clean affordable power. It is like having a power plant on your roof.

Power On

Our solar panel systems will be tailored to your needs to maximise your energy production. 

We will arrange for the solar panel systems to be installed by our team and we will manage all the relevant paperwork.


1. Our solar consultant will gather remote aerial imagery of your home and design a solar solution for you

2. We will arrange for the installation of solar panels on your roof. Once installed, we’ll arrange all the paperwork and approval by the relevant authorities

3. Solar can provide up to 75% of your energy needs, with excess solar energy sold back to the grid

4. Additional electricity is supplied from the grid by your chosen retailer during the night and rainy days


  1. Advertised solar price is for our 'Standard' Solar System with a Fronius string inverter configuration installed on a single storey dwelling and tile or metal single roof orientation in Victoria. Additional fee applies to our 'Smart' Solar System (Solaredge with optimisers or Enphase Microinverters), double storey dwelling, multiple roof orientations and switchboard upgarde
  2. All our Solar System includes online monitoring which will monitor solar generation and consumption
  3. We reserve the rights to revise our prices on a quaterly basis
  4. Price includes STC's
  5. Enphase Microinverters is recommended for roofs with significant shading issues

Our partners

Our Difference

Not all solar panel systems are created equal. At Kin Energy, we work closely with our partners to provide a seamless installation and ownership experience to you.

'Cheap' Solar System

Kin 'Standard' Solar System

Kin 'Smart' Solar System

Years of reduced electricity bills

Solar system warranties

Optimise solar system

Back to base monitoring

Online monitoring of solar system

System is battery ready

Works with partially shaded roofs

Solar system size is easily expandable

We have received excellent customer service from Kin Energy and we are delighted with the fact that we are producing clean renewable energy supply from our roofs. 

Ryan C

We went with a 5kW solar system for our townhouse because we would like to reduce our reliance on the grid and do our part for the environment. Installation was smooth and we immediately saw a 90% reduction in our first electricity bill.

Brendan J

Ready to go solar?

Meet the homeowners that have solar panel systems powering their home.

Join us in this journey towards a clean energy future!