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Solar Warranty Policy


Kin Energy’s Solar Warranty applies to the supply and installation of the Solar Panel Modules, Inverters and Workmanship

1. Warranties

Component Min. Period of Warranty
Solar Panel Modules (manufacturing defects) 10 Years
Solar Panel Modules (regular performance) 25 Years
Inverter 10 Years
Workmanship 10 Years
Retailer Warranty for operation and performance 10 Years

*All warranty period counts from the installation date and please refer to the respective manufacturer’s warranty for Panel, Inverter and Battery.

All Kin Energy’s customer is covered by our retailer warranty period of ten years on the operation and performance of the whole solar PV system, which includes workmanship and products. This warranty period is the minimum applicable to the service component of installation and all products (inverters, panels, electrical components etc.). Certain products such as solar panels might have an extended warranty that exceeds ten years, and it will be covered by separate manufacturer warranties for the extended period.

  1. That retailer’s warranty exists over and above the consumer’s rights under consumer guarantees in Australian Consumer Law (ACL)
  2. The consumer is entitled to claim a remedy if the goods or services do not meet a consumer guarantee or retailer’s warranty

Kin Energy’s workmanship warranty covers any defects that arise from the workmanship in the installation of your solar panels and inverters at your premises as specified in our Solar Purchase: Terms and Agreement.

  1. For all work except the installation of a switchboard, the workmanship warranty period is 10 years from the date of completion of the installation
  2. For work related to the installation of a switchboard, the workmanship warranty period is 1 year from the date of the installation of the switchboard


2. Conditions

The conditions for this Warranty are as stated below:

  1. This Warranty will only apply to the original installation of the relevant Kin Energy’s products and will immediately terminate upon the inappropriate removal/alteration (described in the Limitations and Exclusions section) from the initial installation of such products
  2. This Warranty will no longer be valid if you fail to comply with all reasonable instructions of Kin Energy in relation to the operation and care of the solar system.
  3. The customer is eligible to undertake the repair/fix services of an appropriately skilled, trained and experienced solar technician. In such instances, the customer needs to properly communicate the nature of the job and qualification details of the electrician beforehand if the work is done within the warranty period.


3. Limitations and Exclusions

This Warranty will not apply for:

  1. Improper use of the solar system
  2. Repaired breaks or any damage caused due to works done by an unqualified, unskilled or inexperienced solar technician
  3. Existing electrical installation, wiring or fuse box conditions
  4. Normal fair wear and tear; corrosion, oxidisation, discolouration by mould where it does not impact on the operation and performance of the whole solar system or represent a product defect
  5. Any malicious damage or abuse of solar system
  6. Damage caused by vermin, animals or pests or ‘acts of God’, improper voltage or power surges, accidents or other acts beyond our reasonable control
  7. Any damage to your property caused by the solar system failing or breaking
  8. Any alterations to your property which are a necessary consequence of the provision of the installation services and was communicated beforehand
  9. Any damage of any kind that was not reasonably foreseeable or that could not have been expected to result from:
  • a failure to provide the installation services as required by your agreement with us; and/or
  • the installation services failing to meet any consumer guarantee set out in the Australian Consumer Law.


4. Claims

For any claims or questions in relation to this Warranty please contact:


Please provide your solar sales documentation to validate a warranty claim.