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Solar Rental

Unlock the solar potential of your property

Our innovative solar rental model is cutting edge. It is part of our solar subscription service that will provide additional income to owners, savings for tenants and better environmental outcomes with $0 upfront.

Empower Everyone

Have solar panel systems installed by our team with $0 upfront and start enjoying the benefits of additional rental income, significantly lower electricity bills for tenants, long term tenancy and doing your part in reducing carbon emissions.

There is no cost for hardware (solar panels, inverters) or maintenance. Just a low monthly fixed fee.

1. We will arrange for the installation of solar panels on the rental property roof with no upfront costs

2. Tenants pay extra rent as they benefit from significantly lower electricity bills

3. We monitor and manage the solar system 

4. Your property manager will split the additional increase of rent between all parties

Share the benefits

I am proud to be able to live in a rental property that aligns with my environmental values while paying low electricity bills. There are some months where our bills are in credit as we produce more solar energy than our home consumption.

James B

It is great that we can finally rent a property with solar. We would like to thank Kin Energy for making it happen. Awesome service!

Jessica C

Ready to go solar?

Meet the happy tenants that have solar panel systems powering their home.

Join us in this journey towards a clean energy future!


Who pays for the solar system?

We will pay for the installation of solar system upfront and will collect a low monthly subscription fee from the property manager/owner to recoup the costs over a period of 10 years. The monthly subscription fee is kept low to ensure that the benefit of solar is passed on to all parties immediately.

How do you calculate the rent increase?

To create a model that is fair for everyone, we have run mathematical algorithms and collected our own data from our solar systems to ensure that tenants are saving more on their electricity bills than they are paying in extra rent. We will also need to ensure that the owners will receive attractive returns with no upfront costs required from their end.

Firstly, there is no way to accurate predict a particular tenant’s full savings as it depends on their energy usage habits and their chosen retail offer. Our solution is to adopt this given formula:

  1. Produce a rent increase which provides both the owners with an attractive increase in rental yield while providing tenants with attractive savings; and
  2. Educate and reward tenants for shifting their power usage to solar hours as it will provide even higher savings to their electricity bills.

For example of a 5kW Solar System with 50% solar consumption will provide a reduction of electricity bill by $1,600 per year in Melbourne. With a rental increase of approximately $120/month; the tenant will still come out about $160 on top. The owner/rental manager will pay us a monthly fee which will add up to approximately $1,080 per year with the balance of $360 per year back to the owner as an incentive. This will ensure that all parties can enjoy the benefit of solar from Day 1.

Who looks after our solar system warranties?

As the owner of the system, we will take care of all solar system warranties during the duration of the subscription service. This include solar panel product warranty, inverter product warranty and workmanship.

Will I be exporting power to the grid?

Excess electricity that is generated by solar panels and not consumed during the day will be exported. Electricity that is exported to the grid will be paid as a credit by your energy retailer.

Why is our property still connected to the grid?

Solar panel systems converts sunlight into electricity during the day. On rainy days and at night, a backup power supply from the grid will still be required to power up your home.


When can I install solar?

We can install solar at your rental property as soon as the property owner and tenant agrees to the increase of rent.

What are my expected electricity bill savings?

The expected savings of your property depend on the size of the system (3kW, 5kW or 6.6kw) and how much energy you are able to consume during the day. Generally, expect hundreds of dollars of savings per year.

What do I need to do moving in?

Moving in of a solar rental property is identical to moving into any other rental property. We will recommend shopping around for the best electricity deal with good feed-in-tariff (selling back excess solar energy to the grid).

What do I need to do moving out?

Moving out of a solar rental property is identical to moving out any rental property. Just disconnect the electricity from your electricity retailer when you moved out.

How do I convince my property owner/rental manager?

We recommend sharing this website link to them and put in an application via our Sign Up form. We will get in contact with you to get the details of your property manager so we can speak to them about the benefits of solar.

What if I am not at home during most of the day?

Solar energy is best consumed during the day as it can be use straight from the roof. However, if you are not at home, excess solar energy will be sold back to the grid via the Feed in Tarriff as exported electricity. You will receive a credit for each unit of exported electricity to the grid.

Your savings can be furthr increased by setting the timer of your dishwasher and washing machine to run during the morning or day. You could also potentially set your electric heating/cooling system or run your electric hot water units to run during daylight hours to pre-cool or pre-heat your property.

Property Manager

How does solar increase the attractiveness of the property for rent?

Solar energy is one of the largest demand from tenants in a property. They are usually not provided the option for solar as it is an additional cost. 

Our customers has also reconfirm our findings that solar does increase the liveability of the home and this makes them happier tenants and potentially longer term stable tenants.

Does solar increase the property value?

In short, yes. Multiple surveys has been conducted in Australia such as the research from Origin Energy that indicates 77% Australians think a house with solar is more valuable than those relying on traditional energy sources. 57% homeowners say they would pay up to $10,000 more for a home equpped with solar and 60% would pay at least that much more for a home with both solar and a battery.

What is the process of getting the owner to approve a solar subscription installation?

Here is the steps required to get your owner approving the solar subscription service:

  1. You can get in contact with us via the Sign Up form
  2. We will discuss the benefits of the solar system with you or your owner
  3. Double check if the tenant is happy to have solar in their property and share with them this website link
  4. Upon approval, we will liase with you for the installation of the solar system. Your owner will sign the subscription service agreement with us
  5. You can get back to your tenant to pass on the cost either through a slight increase in their weekly rental payment
How do I update an existing tenant lease?

Updating the lease is identical to updating a lease for a rental property. The tenant (in agreement with the whole process) will be served a notice to increase the rent or the tenant can surrender the existing lease and resign a new lease with the same terms but higher rent.

How do I onboard new tenants into a solar rental?

Onboarding a new tenants into a solar rental is identical to the standard onboarding process for rental properties. There is no additional contracts required with the tenants.

How do we make payment for solar?

We will issue a monthly invoice to you and you can make payment to us using Stripe, direct debit and/or PayID. Additional funds will go to the owner via the standard payment process.

Stripe is built into my SolarPortal to facilitate the ongoing monthly billing, which means you can pay it directly in your portal. Your debit or credit card details are stored with Stripe and our system notifies Stripe when the payment is due. After your payment has been processed, we will instruct Stripe to wipe your card details for privacy purposes.

Will there be an increase of solar subscription fees?

Our solar subscription fees will remain constant (no inflation) once the owner start subscription and for the duration of the 10 year agreement. This will ensure that all parties enjoy the full benefits of solar for the lifetime of the solar subscription service.

For new solar subscription services, we will review the fees on an annual basis based on the cost of solar hardware and labour costs.

When does the monthly solar subscription start?

We will only start your solar subscription after we have submitted the paperwork to the tenants electricity retailer and upon confirmation from our installer that the solar panels are in order.

How do I advertise solar rentals?

We will recommend including solar PV/panels as part of the listing feature and property description. At the end of the first tenancy, we will provide you with a solar report so you can share with future propsective tenants.

E.g. Solar system provides savings of $50/week, solar report available upon request