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Solar Subscription

Stream solar energy and enjoy the benefits

Our new monthly solar subscription service is revolutionary. It is like having a broadband plan on your roof, except you stream solar energy into your home and enjoy the benefits of solar.

Power to you

Have solar panel systems installed by our team with $0 upfront and start enjoying the benefits of lower electricity bills and your contribution in reducing carbon emissions.

There is no cost for hardware (solar panels, inverters) or maintenance. Just a low monthly fixed fee.

1. We will arrange for the installation of solar panels on your roof with no upfront costs. Once installed, we’ll arrange all the paperwork and approval by the relevant authorities.

2. Solar will provide up to 70% of your energy needs, with excess solar energy sold back to the grid

3. Additional electricity is supplied from the grid by your chosen retailer during the night and rainy days

4. Your solar subsription service fees will remain the same for 10 years

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Our Difference

Not all solar panel systems are created equal. Our solar subscription service is designed to provide you the full benefits of solar without the upfront cost. 

* Estimated annual electricity bills savings for solar subscription and solar purchase is calculated based on 40% household solar consumption during the day of an average 3 Bed household (without solar) in Victoria.

Solar System Size (kW)

Estimated Annual Generation* (kwh)

Price per kwh* ($/kwh)


Renewable Energy

* Estimated annual generation is calculated based on an effective solar generation of 4.6 hours in Melbourne and solar panels efficiency over the lifespan of the panels at 85%.

* Estimated annual electricity bills savings is calculated based on 40-60% household solar consumption during the day in comparison to the average household (without solar) electricity bills in Victoria.

* Monthly subscription fees includes GST

Ready to go solar?

Our 5kW solar subscription system will save our customers an estimated $300 – $750 annually off their electricity bills*. Get on our pre-launch waitlist by signing up below, and we’ll give you early access when we launch.

Join us in this journey towards a clean energy future!


Here are 6 commonly asked questions about our solar subscription service.

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What are the benefits of the subscription service compared to buying your own system?

With solar subscription service, customers get access to the best of solar energy – clean, cheap and renewable – to power your homes without the upfront costs. In addition, we will also provide complimentary maintenance to the panels to ensure that the whole system is working efficiently.

Can I subscribe to the system even if I am renting?

Yes. We have rolled out the system at rental properties in Victoria by working closely with the landlord and rental manager. 

What hardware do you use?

We use Tier 1 Solar Panels such as Jinko, LG and Longi. We use premium inverters from Enphase, Solaredge and Fronius.

Will I be exporting power to the grid?

Excess electricity that is generated by solar panels and not consumed during the day will be exported. Electricity that is exported to the grid will be paid as a credit by your energy retailer.

Why is there only one choice of solar panel system for the subscription service?

We have simplified our system to just 5kW (for now) to enable us to roll-out the system efficiently and to pass on direct manufacturer bulk savings to our customers.

Why is our property still connected to the grid?

Solar panel systems converts sunlight into electricity during the day. On rainy days and at night, a backup power supply from the grid will still be required to power up your home.