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VIP Referral

Share the benefits of solar energy

Get exclusive rewards for sharing our mission to accelerate the transition to clean renewable energy with your family, friends and colleagues. As a valuable friend of Kin Energy, we have significantly increase the value of the referral awards and milestones just exclusively to you.

VIP Referral – How it works

When you refer your family, friends and colleagues to Kin Energy, the both of you reap the benefits! Each time you refer someone and they activate their solar panels through either subscription or a direct purchase, you will receive $100 and your contact will receive $50. If you reach a certain milestone, we will give you a larger reward (just for you). Start producing clean renewable energy and reduce your reliance on the grid today!

1. If you love solar, you’ll love our referral program. Please let us know via SMS or email if you would like to participate in the VIP Referral Program

2. Promote solar by sharing our website or providing our contact details with your network. Please ask them to mentioned your name when they sign up for a solar system with us

3. You will receive $100 per referral and your contact will received $50 in account credits when they activate their solar panel system. It’s that easy

Ready to earn your rewards?




$100 per referral (e.g. Accumulates for each referral)


$1,000 plus an additional $500


$2,000 or 3kW Standard Solar System (Value: $4,500)*


$3,000 or 3kW Smart Solar System (Value: $5,500)*


$4,000 or 5kW Standard Solar System (Value: $6,500)*


$5,000 or 5kW Smart Solar System (Value: $7,500)*

* You can only redeem one standard or smart solar system for your own property